Today I had my first session with Misstress Kimberley. I have been searching for my perfect Dom for some time. Mistress did a pre check on what I like and dislike and worked a two hour session for herself. I say herself because she definitely pleases herself and loves what she does. You can hear the delight in her voice when she administers her punishment. I think she had a huge smile on her face, I couldn’t see because she had me blindfolded to ensure I couldn’t see what misstress was about to administer.

What she did administer was sensual, which made my heart race and my body tingle. With that said she sees it fit to follow up with some toe curling torturous but ingenious sadistic acts that were on order and delivered with a strict and precise action. Don’t get on her wrong side because I feel it could cause serious pain with delightful pleasure.
I have now found my perfect Dom and I will not look any further. I wish to serve her for what she feels fit for me. I have booked two more  sessions and can’t wait, I am getting aroused just thinking about it.
Misstress Kimberley is an attractive, intelligent, discreet and thoughtful person. Her after care is very attentive, coffee, bath and chat about the session. We are now planning for our next session and it is well underway.

A true reflection from a submissive.