“ Probably the best 2 hours of my life so far ….
I have been very fortunate now to have met with Kinky Kimberly on a number of occasions for an hour , but today I decided to ask for a 2 hour session of her very valuable and precious time .
Well … Wow ! … what an incredible 2 hours of my life that proved to be . Kimberly must be the goddess of all Mistresses and as soon as I entered her chambers… on all fours of course… I knew I was in for an experience of punishment and pain but also sensual domination . Kimberly takes you to the furthest boundaries of your pain thresholds through the engagement of all of your 5 senses .
It would be inappropriate of me to go into the exact detail of our time together… but needless to say I left feeling further devoted and obedient to my Mistress, in pain from the punishment and also wanting for more .
I will ask to be able to return again very soon and hopefully will be allowed to spend another 2 hours or hopefully more with my goddess of a Mistress …. Kinky Kimberly ❤️”