West Midlands

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  • Kimberly


West Midlands Mistress

West Midlands Mistress
Kinky Kimberly


1 Address me as Kimberly at all times
2 Do not be late
3 Do not turn up to an appointment intoxicated
4 Always be polite
5 No touching unless told to do so
6 Do not make eye contact, look at the floor at all times unless instructed to look at me.
7 Your body belongs to me, if I want to punish and abuse you then I shall.
8 Do not ask me “what are you going to do to me”. This normally means that you are looking for free phone sex. I know it and you won’t get it. If phone sex is what you want then be honest and I will give you a price
9 Learn the rules


Hourly: £130
Extra hours after the first: £100
Day rate is 12 hours 10am to 10pm £800
Overnight stay is 24 hours from 10am to 10am and is £1500. You will sleep, eat and drink in the cage. You will be restrained if the High Class Bitch requires a rest.
A deposit of £30 per hour will be expected in order to confirm a booking.
Dinner dates and shopping trips £100 per hour.

CONTACT: Kinky Kimberly

PHONE: 07951013367
LOCATION: My Chambers, Walsall Dungeon M6 Junction 10, between Brownhills and Bloxswitch
Session times are 10:00 – 22:00


Dinner & drink dates are always welcome but only available in public places. Feel free to take me shopping, I always enjoy a day out and it really does impress me.