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About me

West Midlands Mistress

West Midlands Mistress
Kinky Kimberly

I am Kinky Kimberly the Princess of Pain, Walsall’s finest Dominatrix.

Enter my domain if you dare maggots! My slaves are treated with humiliation and degradation. I love to tie, torment and torture my maggots always pushing their boundaries until they reach their limits.

During my ten years of experience as the Highclass Bitch, I have enjoyed training my maggots in the art of submission.

My Chambers, the Walsall Dungeon is fully equipped to meet the needs of every slave. I will ensure that my maggots desires are explored and all fantasies are fulfilled.

As a former pole dancer, I am trained in the art of handling maggots and expect them to learn my rules quickly. However, BDSM is not all about pain and torture, Sensual domination is a big part of my world. I am able to use my body as a tool in order to make you tremble with fear and excitement.